the coolest freeware games designed for your HTC or other Windows Mobile devices can be downloaded here

Pocket Quake Pocket Quake is the HTC/Windows Mobile version of one of the first first person shooters ever, QUAKE, enjoy shooting monsters and other dirt in this fabulous game for Windows Mobile. Notice that the ZIP archive will contain a file called this is the demo level which should be loaded into the console before you will be able to play. More information can be found inside the ZIP archive
Doom This Windows Mobile version of Doom might remember you of the days where you had motion sickness of playing hours and hours this famous first person shooter on one of those horible 60hz screens. Dont forget to use your cheat codes such as IDDQD for GOD mode and IDKFA for unlimited weapons 🙂
TildeTech Hangman 7.1 This times guessing game for Windows Mobile and PC contains over 210.000 words!
Block Puzzle this is a remake of the classic puzzle of Sokoban
Mine Sweeper Mine Sweeper for windows mobile devices, try to avoid the mines, but clear out the field as soon as possible. Such a simple but yet addicting game! And best of all…. Its freeware!
Be The Last Be The Last is a freeware game where you win whenever you get to explode the last bomb. Easy but addicting game for your HTC or Windows Mobile enabled phone
Magic Bubble with this cool and simple game for HTC or windows mobile phones you need to align as much bubbles containing the same colour as possible to perform an high score. This game can be uploaded straight to your HTC phone or windows mobile phone and extracted/installed there.
Backgammon Lite addicted to Backgammon? Well you have this simple boardgame always in your pocket now, just install it on your HTC device or other Windows Mobile enabled device and start playing!
1001 crossword puzzles never be bored again when you have your HTC in the neighbourhood and you have one of these 1001 crossword puzzles designed by famous companies and newspapers such as L.A. Times, W.Post, H.Chronicle, USA TODAY,, uclick Puzzles Society and more installed.