CheckersPlay4 is surprising game. Thanks to participation of four players its result is difficult for predict. The leader can lose if other players can act in common against him. In short, all as in life. First, turn attention to the unusual board form. Unlike a board by size of 64 squares the board for CheckersPlay4 game has sizes of 121 squares. In each corner of board are disposed dark squares. Second, the checkers move along light squares. Thirdly, you can play in CheckersPlay4 by the American rules. Finally, each player can highlight and copy his move in the notation window, and then send the move copy to other players by habitual way for itself, example, ICQ, or to name the move by phone, using services Microsoft (R) MSN Messenger (R), Yahoo (R) Messenger (R), or Skype (R). Other players should repeat this move on their PC, Tablet PC, PDA, PDA Phone, PPC, PPC Phone, Communicator, Cellphone, or Smartphone.

System requirements
– 64MB of RAM
– 240×320 (Portret)

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