Curtain Call

Curtain call is a HTC / Pocket PC lock screen / today screen with many cool features such as:

* Battery Meter
* Tasks current / overdue
* Scratch Caller Picture to answer and ignore incoming calls (Scratch down 50% to answer scratch horizontal 50% to send to voicemail.
* Next calendar appointment
* Caller Id info with name and number
* Caller Picture
* Unlock when Keyboard is slide out (Display orientation changes).
* Unlock on charge or computer connection
* Close phone Dialer when hang up occurs
* Shell notifications audible alert works
* Unlock when receiving call while syncing
* Change screen BackColor when screen or caller picture is pressed while unlocking.
* Display 12 hour clock with date
* Display Service Location (Home Roam NoSVC, Search)
* Display active signal strength
* Display current speaker volume setting
* Battery Friendly (No Timers to reduce battery life)
* Exclude some applications from CC locking the screen (Safe Programs) Don’t put in activesync or cc will never lock screen.
* Do Not Distrub feature
* Initially lock when in call
* Configurable options Double Click X to close and hit setup button
* Remain unlocked when call recv’d and keyboard is out
* Displays status of current data connection eg EVDO 1X EDGDE etc.

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