Auto Refresh Browser

By : September 10, 2016 No Comment
Auto Refresh browser is the ideal browser for everybody who wants to access websites which they need to refresh frequently because they don't do it automatically, such as online mailboxes or auctions. With the Auto Refresh Browser you can make the page refresh itself automatically at
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HTC Browser HTC : Skyfire mobile browser

By : September 2, 2016 No Comment
Skyfire is a windows mobile internet browser which is compatible with HTC smartphones and which allows you also to surf the internet on devices without a touchscreen! Experience the internetfun which could previously only be reached on a desktop, this is skyfire!
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UC browser 7

By : March 17, 2016 No Comment
This is already the 7th release of this pretty good looking browser for your HTC or other windows mobile devices. Some, but not all of this mobile browsers features are: multi windows, download manager, shortcuts, site navigation, online media, search engine access and so on. you
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