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HTC Windows Mobile Filing tools

got tired of the standard tools to manage your files on your HTC phone / Windows Mobile device? Just install one of these tools and make your life easier
Total Commander 2.0 Total Commander 2.0 is a must have file explorer for your HTC phone or Windows Mobile device, if you want to do more then just some basic operations on your stored files you got to have this one
GSFinder Again a must have filing system for your HTC phone or other Windows Mobile device, this one is told to have a much easier interface then the Total Commander 2
TascalSeach the standard Windows Mobile software doesnt have a seach function, well this little program solved this mistake: its a cool search function for your HTC / Windows Mobile enabled phone
Pocket RAR probably one of the most underestimated compression tools on the market has now also a mobile version available for your HTC / windows mobile device: Pocket RAR
Cryptocard CryptoCard is a freeware for Pocket PC, which allows you to store your sensitive information in your PDA. All information stored with CryptoCard is saved using standard encryption algorithms, currently CryptoCard is using RC2 & MD5. All information saved with CryptoCard is protected with a "master" password, so you do not need to remember a lot of passwords, with CryptoCard you just need to remember one "master" password. To keep the information organized, CryptoCard use a "card" system, so each information you want to store is saved as a "card". When you create a card, you can choose a template related with the information you want to store, there is a lot of templates to be chosen, each template has different fields related with the template subject, if you want you can add custom fields too.
Lucifer the principle is simple: when you want to protect a file with Lucifer it asks you to give a password, when entered the files is encrypted with the Cipher3.0 DES algorithm, to decrypt it again you will need the password again, without password no entry… works perfect on your HTC phone or any other windows mobile device
Goomeo Goomeo is a P2P program for HTC or other windows mobile devices which lets you transfer files unlimited in file size over the wifi connection.
Automatic Backup make automated backups of all your Windows Mobile or HTC stuff to the internet
Rseven Rseven gives you the possibility to create online backups of your contacts / data / SMS Messages / call logs and much more to so loosing your HTC wont be your biggest nightmare anymore. Rseven can also calculate interesting data for you such as who your most frequent caller is
CEProp CEProp is a simpler but much more finger friendly version of the Total Commander CE tool.


- View file and folder properties: Type, size, and time of last modification
- View and change file attributes: Read only, hidden, archive.
- Rename files and folders, including the filename extension.
- Edit shortcuts.
- View version information for program files.
- Open files with other applications, such as Pocket Word.
- Supports Windows Mobile 2003 through Windows Mobile 6 Professional/Classic, and works with landscape, square, VGA and 320x320 screens.

FileFront FileFront is a free and easy to set up backup tool for your HTC. Never have to worry again about loosing files when loosing your HTC, use filefront to create a daily backup and your dataloss will reduce to the minimum
PIN Manager PIN Manager allows you to store all your important data or secret files and passwords safely in one password protected Vault
Microsoft MyPhone Save all your devices data safely on the net with Microsoft MyPhone, be prepared for the day your device will fail or will get stolen…
SMS Filter Rules Create rules on your SMS box just like you would do for a normal mailbox, separate the crap from the important SMS messages with SMS Filter Rules for HTC or other windows mobile devices
Shake2Send With Shake2Send you just need to shake your phone (G-sensor) to transfer a file or to make it ready to receive a file
Voyager HTC Freeware Voyager is freeware software for your HTC which has a massive amount of extra features compared to the normal HTC filebrowser
Gslide HTC file explorer explore your files on your HTC with Gslide, with this freeware explorer software you finally have a thumbfriendly explorer application
Sticker Exchange Database a cool small application for everybody who loves to collect numbered items, with this tool you will know what stickers or other collectable items you still need to have to complete your collection without actually having to dive into your collection.
MP3 Tag Editor With MP3 Tag Editor you can edit your MP3s ID3v1 tags immediately on your HTC
XNView Pocket Convert your pictures to some of the most well known picture formats with XNView Pocket. XNView Pocket can read files in the Jpeg / Jfif, Gif, Bmp, Png, 2bp, Tif, Pcx, Pbm, Pgm, Ppm, Pnm, Psd, Tga format and convert them to Jpeg, Gif, Bmp or Png.
PPC Browser Display and browse your mobile content in an easy way from now on with this PPC Browser software. With PPC Browser, cutting, pasting or copying files will become as easy as on your desktop
Resco Explorer Resco explorer for HTC is a freeware HTC application which is not only a great file explorer, but which also offers you the possibility to upload files to social media networks such as facebook, or which integrates with the today screen so you can instantly browse for files. It even has a preview mode for images! A true all-in one file application for your HTC
wifi remote access basic With this basic version of Wifi remote access you can browse and access your HTC mobile devices without the need of installing extra software on your desktop computer
Resco file explorer Resco file explorer for HTC / Windows mobile is an ultimate pimped out file explorer for HTC. With this file browser you can browse easily though large lists of files with the sidebar letters function, or just share your pictures and photos with friends over different social networks such as facebook or twitter. Use your devices keyboard to let it instantly look for files starting with the requested letter