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HTC HTC Health tools

These freeware tools will help you to maintain a healthy lifestile or some of these medical HTC tools might even be able to save your life!
Health Assistant keep control of your health with this health assistant for your HTC or windows mobile phone. Just enter your blood pressure and Pulse rate and keep track of your health….
temperature tracker trial this software is not really freeware but a trial, however temperature tracker might watch your body temperature for you when you are ill so you can check the charts to see if you're getting bether or not
MDRD-Gault GFR Calculator this calculator is able to calculate GFR by MDRD, Gault, Combined Methods and Creatinine Clearance
Medical Dictionary 4 this medical dictionary for your HTC or windows mobile device contains about 5,100 terms with clear explanations of technical terminology and technologies used in the Medical & Pharma field, including common terms, insider jargon, acronyms, and new concepts
Sport and Exercise Tracker and Pace Calculator This HTC sports and excercise tracker calculates time and speed, tracks your improvement over time, and displays a calendar with the best day's time.
Pocket workout wizard 3.2 No need anymore for a personal trainer in the gym with this pocket workout wizard for windows mobile. Notice that this software requires Requires the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework to be installed on your HTC or other windows mobile device
BP Assistant Use your HTC or Windows Mobile phone to track your BP & Pulse Rate with this freeware software tool
Bicarbonate Deficit Calculator Bicarbonate Deficit Calculator calculate your Patients HCO3- Deficit
Le Chef Le Chef contains over 9000 cooking receipes, all you need to get a receipe is to choose a category or ingredient and Le Chef will give you a tasty receipe. This is mobile cooking! The service also includes tips and tricks, food and wine combination rules and photos of all kind of knifes.
HTC Meditation Timer Meditation Timer uses an optical signal, a bell or a wood block to control the duration of your meditation. It includes a progress bar, auto-dimmer, medition logbook (MS Excel compatible csv-file) and several texts for inspiration and rezitation.
STSBloodGl STSBloodGl is HTC freeware which assist physicians and other health care providers in clinical decision-making by describing a range of generally acceptable approaches for the diagnosis.
KnowFood With this freeware KnowFood windows mobile application which also works on HTC, you will never need to guess about the ingredients or side effects of the food ingredients you just purchased. KnowFood contains an online and continuously updated list of the latest and newest food products. From now on you will never need to guess whats in your food again!
Smoke Tracker Smoke tracker can help you in reducing your smoke breaks, with smoke tracker for HTC or WM devices you will be able to keep track of your sigarette consumption and the costs of your sigarette expenses. Just tab the "Got One" button whenever you smoke a sigarette to add the data to the smoke tracker.
Keep Weightin 2 The utility stores your body weight over a period of time, allowing you simply monitor developing of the weight and also leave comments on every measurement.
Buggy Exterminator Buggy Exterminator looks like a game for your HTC, however it's not, this freeware software for your HTC uses ultrasonic sounds to fight mosquitoes
SiDiary SiDiary is management software for diabetes patients. You can track blood glucose, insulin and many more important parameters for diabetes patients.
Medical Calculator calculate various medical equations and scores with MedicalCalculator
Weather4me Weather4Me is one of the top weather applications for your HTC or other windows mobile device, get a 5 days forecast for your current location in your own measurement units depending on your system settings. This latest freeware software version only uses a minimum data traffic.
Atmosfera Weather Sense software Atmosfera displays upcomming weather with a graphical image
Respondtime freeware software calculate your average, or fastest reaction time with this respondtime freeware software for your HTC
Finesse BMI 2 This is an application for the health conscious Windows Mobile users. MyBMI is a program that calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index) quickly and accurately with only two pieces of information. Also, the MyBMI application tells you whether you are Underweight, Normal, Overweight, or Obese on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services BMI scale. Version 2.0 allows you to save up to 5 BMI's to you can track your fitness progress. Also, this version does not need a keyboad! Download it now and find out where you stand! Go to to view more screenshots, the Finesse blog and see more Finesse software. If there are any bugs please report them in our forum at so they can be fixed in the next version. Thank you. FOR ALL PHONES WITH NO KEYBOARD, THIS IS THE VERSION FOR YOU! v2.0: Bugs Fixed Able to save BMI Code changes to make the app run faster! Input problem fixed Close button v1.0: Calculate BMI with Height and Weight
Pizza Collection The receipes for pizza right at your hand with Pizza collection
Windguru Windguru is able to provide forecast for any place on planet Earth. It is mainly interesting for windsurfers and kitesurfers (but can offcourse be useful to anybody else…) with Windguru you have the weather forecast right in your HTC
My Weight Keep track of your daily weight and compare it to your Body mass index (BMI) with the My Weight freeware HTC software