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HTC Android Software

Freeware software for Android enabled HTC devices (or any other android device) can be found under this category
DroidSSHd provides you with tools to configure and manage a Dropbear SSH daemon on Android devices for the secure, remote access to your device via network.
IcingaDroid server monitoring tool IcingaDroid is a server monitoring tool for Android enabled HTC phones, It draws check results from the CGIs and informs you when something is wrong. From now on you will be always instantly up to date on the latest changes on your device
Phone Silencer are you often called during the night and are you scared to death of the sound everytime? Then this Android HTC software is really something you should install. Phone silencer silences the ringtone during the night and increases the call volume again during the day; in that way you have a near silent sound during the night, but full power during the day!
GTalkSMS GTalkSMS is not a chattool for your Android enabled HTC, no, instead, GTalkSMS uses your Google-Talk account to accept remote controlled messages. For example, if you loose your device you can send instructions over Gtalk to erase your device, or to send you the coordinates of the device. Did you forget to start Gtalk? No problem, you can easily activate it remotely by sending a simple instruction over SMS. You can even use the software to send SMS messages over your device by simply using Gtalk on your desktop or laptop.
VPN Connections Connect to Cisco like VPN concentrators with this VPN connections for Android enabled HTC phones. Note that, in order to run VPN connetions on your HTC, you will need to have the next software installed: Cyanogen, JesusFreke or ROM with root and tun support. You will also require A Cisco, Nortel or Freeswan IPSEC server to connect to
SSHTunnel for HTC SSHTunnel in a SSH Tunnel application for your Android enabled HTC phone based on Connectbot and Dropbear
Wifi On Off tool With this Wifi On Off tool you can switch the wifi receiver on your HTC Android device on or off with a single push on a homescreen button instead of having to go through different menus, an ideal powersaver for your HTC!
Lookout Mobile Security Lookout Mobile security is an all-in-one security package for Android enabled phones such as the HTC. Lookout Mobile Security does not only contain an Anti-virus scanner, but also a data backup tool and even a phone locator in case you would loose your precious device!
Rhytm uninstaller Rhytm is a simple uninstaller for your HTC Android device, with this tool it becomes a lot easier to remove unwanted or obsolete apps from your Android device
Advanced Task Manager free Kill unwanted running applications, or keep an eye on your Android HTC system resources with this freeware version of Advanced Task Manager for Android Devices such as the HTC
Brightness Level Adjust your Android enabled HTCs brightness level with this little home application tool. Notice that this software is not running on devices using the Sense UI
AppMonster 2 AppMonster is a freeware application manager for HTC smartphones running on Android. Backup, install, manage or do whatever you want with the AppMonster HTC Android application
Linda File Manager manage file, apps or zipfiles with this easy to use, small (less then 500k) filemanager for your Android enabled HTC phone
Ring Riser Ring Riser rises the volume of your ringtone while playing, this tiny application for your Android enabled HTC is less then 20kb!
iXmat Barcode Scanner iXmat Barcode scanner does not only scan QR Codes but almost any other 2D barcode format
Appack App Manager Appack is an application manager for Android enabled HTC phones, appack can manage your running processes and applications
Titanium Backup Titanium Backup is Backup software for your HTC Android which claims to be the only software which is capable of analyzing backing up all installed applications on HTCs running on Android. Titanium Backup supports batch mode to create a backup of your complete device in the least possible steps
Microsoft Tag reader With Microsoft Tag reader each display or live billboard is transformed into a live tag, scan tags wherever you see them and use it to share or lookup data with the world! Microsoft Tag Reader is the social software of the future!
Slide Keyboard you will speedup your communication with this innovative soft-touch slide keyboard, with keys 4 times bigger then the default android soft-keys and gesture recognition this will be a freeware application which you never want to delete from your HTC again!
Cool Flashlight Turn your devices LED flashlight into a torch, simply switch the Flashlight of your HTC running on android on or off without needing to start the camera application
Unlock screen changer Did you have this annoying problem too: you are playing a game or do some other stuff, suddenly you receive a call, you answer it, and after the call you put your system in lock mode, when you unlock it back a few hours later, the system jumps right to the last played game again…. This application solves this annoying problem for you!
Blink LED your way By default the system LED always blinks in the same color, no matter if you receive an SMS, call, mesqage from friends, your boss etc. With Blink LED you will know instantly what is happening, since you will be able from now on to change the LED color based on what kind of message you are receiving
NQ Mobile Security 5 finally feel safe again when using your Android enabled HTC smartphone when using this NQ Mobile security and anti-virus software.
3G Alarm did you already experience a large phone bill because of your 3G is downloading half of the internet without you knowing? With 3G alarm you can set a reminder to turn your 3G connection back off after finishing your task on the internet on your Android enabled HTC phone